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Core affiliates

Meet researchers who have worked with - and within - Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities. Their respective backgrounds, academic or clinical, vary, and together they were a dynamic and multifaceted team. They are still our "core affiliates", most of them are part of projects within research, education and/or cooperation.

Meet our core affiliates

Photo of a woman in a red sweater.
Mia-Marie Hammarlin.

Mia-Marie Hammarlin

Senior Lecturer and Researcher: Media and Communication Studies; Journalism; Ethnology

“Working at the BRCMH has been enormously rewarding, and I’ve formed new and valuable contacts – this last year saw us coming together as a really close-knit team. The Centre gave me opportunities to teach students of Medicine, and to start developing a EUGLOH* project about vaccination hesitancy among students in the caring sciences.”

*EUGLOH = The European University Alliance for Global Health

Mia-Marie Hammarlin on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a woman.
Elinor Schad.

Elinor Schad

Researcher and Psychology Specialist: Pedagogical Psychology, Psychometry

“It’s a privilege to be part of a team with multiple competencies. Each of us brings something distinctive to our meetings, and that’s what powers our teamwork and gives me strength and inspiration. I look forward to 2023 and new exciting projects.” 

Elinor Schad on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a man wearing scrubs.
Lars Hagander.

Lars Hagander

Professor of Paediatrics, Paediatric Surgeon: Global Health; Surgery

“Aristotle must have forgotten the Medical Humanities when he claimed that phronesis couldn’t be taught. As part of the study of Medicine, Humanities elements act as catalysts taking discussions about values to levels rarely experienced otherwise, and they impart profound insights into illness and relations between the sick and those who care for them.”

Lars Hagander on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a woman with blonde hair.
Elisabet Björklund.

Elisabet Björklund

Senior Lecturer: Film Studies

“I’ve been part of the joint endeavour to map research in the field of Medical Humanities, and to bring about the development of further Humanities perspectives in the various professional training programmes at Lund University, with a special focus on the application of films in such contexts.” 

Elisabet Björklund on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a man with beard and a blue sweater.
Jonatan Wistrand.

Jonatan Wistrand

Ph.D. and a registered physician, training to be a specialist: General Medicine; History of Medicine

“Two projects have been of special significance to me this last year. One is the poetry project called Words on the way, which explores how poetry may serve as a catalyst engendering mature reflection in everyday healthcare; the other involves the creation of a course in Ethics, diversity and equality for people who are training to be specialists.”

Jonatan Wistrand on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a woman with long chestnut hair.
Susanna Whitling.

Susanna Whitling

Ph.D., Authorised Speech Therapist, Lecturer: Logopedics

“Martin and Katarina have certainly managed to put together an extraordinary group of people at the Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities! Among the things I did in 2022 was to find out how the Medical Humanities are taught around the world, and how they may be brought into various educational programmes taught at Lund University.”

Susanna Whitling on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a woman with blue sweater.
Anna Tunlid. Foto: Tove Smeds

Anna Tunlid

Associate Professor: History of Ideas and Learning; History of Ideas

“While I’ve studied the variety of orientations found in Medical Humanities in international contexts, I’ve also analysed how Humanities perspectives may be strengthened in different caring professions at local levels. Working on these issues with colleagues from many disciplines is immensely rewarding.”

Anna Tunlid on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a man with glasses and a beard.
Johan Mårtensson.

Johan Mårtensson

Associate Professor and Researcher: Cognitive Neuroscience; Brain Imaging; Humanities Laboratory

“For me, this was a year of fertile meetings with people from genuinely dissimilar backgrounds. Together we’ve explored ways in which healthcare practices and healthcare education can be influenced, starting work on applications for basic-research funding at the same time.”

Johan Mårtensson on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a woman with glasses.
Pia Dellson.

Pia Dellson

B.A. in Film Studies, Ph.D. and a registered physician: Psychiatry; Oncology; Cancer Rehabilitation

“At last all my disparate competencies, as a physician, a film scholar and a poet, have been brought together. In the past year, I lectured at interdisciplinary conferences, launched a film seminar on the Occupational Therapy programme, and started work on scholarly articles about ‘Shared Reading’ and vaccination scepticism with colleagues at the BRCMH.”

Pia Dellson on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a man with long hair.
Chris Mathieu.

Chris Mathieu

Associate Professor: Sociology of Work, Organisation and Art

‘The BRCMH offers me the opportunity to join colleagues who come with quite dissimilar perspectives in investigating how two core dimensions of human existence – art and health – relate to each other on a continuous basis. Approaching that relationship, one is soon captivated by its profundity and inherent dynamics.’

Chris Mathieu on the Lund University Research Portal

Photo of a woman in glasses, outdoors.
Anna W Gustafsson.

Anna W Gustafsson

Associate Professor: Linguistics; Text and Conversation Analysis

“It’s been an inspiration to find myself in a context where different research orientations and practices come together, and it has opened up new perspectives for me on how we can explore, and expand our comprehension of, the role of language in human encounters.”

Anna W Gustafsson on the Lund University Research Portal

Anders Palm. Foto
Anders Palm.

Anders Palm

Professor em. in Comparative Literature; Senior Professor of Medical Humanities; Senior Advisor 

“Medical science and education have dual academic identities: as natural sciences, as humanities. Human science – Medical humanities.

As a humanist with lifelong roots in the aesthetic sciences – literature, art, music – I have had the privilege of participating in the construction of BRCMH from the very beginning.”

Become a BRCMH affiliate

The Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities is a centre which welcomes research and teaching initiatives from a variety of people. Our operations are characterised by curiosity, creativity and work across traditional disciplinary boundaries. If you’re interested in working with us, in research, education or external partnerships, contact Martin [dot] Garwicz [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Martin Garwicz)As an affiliate at BRCMH, you have the

  • Opportunity to take part in BRCMH's activities and network. 
  • Opportunity to use BRCMH as a platform when profiling applications, networks etc.
  • Possibility to use common resources (tangible or intangible) that BRCMH has at its disposal. 
  • Opportunity to gain qualifications by taking on assignments within medical humanities.

Our Board (2021-2023)

The Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities has a dedicated Board whose members meet twice a term. The Board is responsible for strategic decisions, and right now it is also conducting a thorough evaluation of the Centre.

The members of the BRCMH Board


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