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The Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities welcomes initiatives in research and higher education from a variety of people, not just from those we employ. Meet some of our close associates, whom we refer to as our affiliates.

Sculpture in shape of a huge hand holds up a real tree branch. Photo.

Elia Psouni

Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology, Licensed Psychologist

"It’s truly inspiring to be in on the ground floor contributing perspectives, concepts and methods derived from developmental psychology to the construction of the Centre’s research theme Empathy and Compassion. Other branches of psychology that also promote good relations between people are brought in as well. The networking, national and international, that goes on at our conferences and workshops has shed additional light on the potential of developmental psychology in interdisciplinary contexts."

Jenny Lindberg

Registered Physician, doctoral student of Medical Ethics, team leader of professional development at the School of Medicine (the ‘Medical Programme’)

"Acquiring wider perspectives by working with others across disciplinary boundaries is of great value, benefiting both tuition and research. I’ve gained deeper insights into the importance of compassion and presence in encounters with patients. That’s inspired me to bring new ideas into our teaching, and daily clinical work has been invigorated as well." 

Max Liljefors

Professor of Art History and Visual Studies

"For me as an art historian, collaboration with the Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities brings fresh insights into the interconnectedness of art and empathy, and other mental resources of human beings. Combining different scientific perspectives lends greater nuance to our knowledge. My sense is that we’re still only at the beginning …"

Pia Strand

Lecturer and Head of MedCUL, the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Medicine

"In a spirit of openness, the Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities has initiated a mapping of areas of knowledge from a variety of perspectives, involving participants from different disciplines and professions. That endeavour has engendered fresh knowledge which MedCUL has been able to apply straight away. At this time, we’re conducting creative schemes of collaboration with a view to setting up further projects in research and education, geared towards jointly identified needs in the health services."



Åsa Thormählen
Asa [dot] Thormahlen [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Asa[dot]Thormahlen[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)